Rotund in the Village Selo

The wall and the ceiling of the Rotund are painted with frescoes probably from the 14th century.

Painting in the Rotund and narrow windows.

Inside the Rotund.

View from the Rotund.

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Rotund in the Village Selo

From Moravske Toplice we went by bus to the village Selo where we looked at the Romanesque Rotund from the 13th century.
The Rotund of St. Nicholas and the Holy Virgin - a pearl in the valley.

The Rotund is a magnificent relict of a wider architectural medieval complex of buildings.

The entire structure was reconstructed back into its original form in 1956 and 1979.

On the right of the church stands a wooden bell tower.

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Prekmurje, Moravske Toplice

We had a break again in Moravske Toplice. It is one of several spas in Prekmurje. The town is the center of the Evangelical Church in Slovenia.
The Evangelical church in Moravske Toplice.

The Evangelical church in Moravske Toplice.

Image of Prekmurje.

Image of Prekmurje.

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Bogojina Church

Bogojina is a small village with a well known church. It was renovated in 20th century according to plans by the Slovenian architect Joze Plecnik.
The church in Bogojina.

Inside the church.

Inside the church.

The church from the other side.

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Prekmurje is devided into three geographical subregions: Goricko, hilly area to the north of Murska Sobota, Ravensko (the Flatlands) in the east and Dolinsko (the Lowlands) in the west. We were walking in Ravensko.
Vineyard in Ravensko, Prekmurje.
Prekmurje in February.
Walking in Prekmurje.


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The next village we visited was Filovci. In Filovci a number of traditional houses have been declared cultural monuments, as well preserved typical examples of local thached lay architecture from the 19th and early 20th century.
Traditional house in Filovci.

Thick thached roof of a traditional house in Filovci. Made of straw, renovated.

Filovci was once known for its pottery. Before the WW II there were over 20 potter's workshops in Filovci. Today they have an open-air museum of pottery.

Traditional house in Filovci.

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In Strehovci we had a break. Our local guides Zinka and Ignac have a holiday cottage and a vineyard there. They surprised us with homemade food and wine from their cellar.
Strehovci. Look at the little windows!

Traditional house in Strehovci.

Pannonian hospitality.

After the break we set out for Filovci.

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Strehovci in Prekmurje

In villages of Prekmurje we admired the traditional Pannonian houses. I took a lot of pictures. Some of them I am going to present here.

Hikers in front of a house in Strehovci.

The front side of the same house.

Prekmurje - Slovenian Pannonia.

In Strehovci.

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In the Forest by the Bukovnik Lake

The area around the lake is quite attractive. Some people believe that there are healing "energy spots" in the nearby forest. People from far and near come here searching for health.
The Vitus spring has water which is reputed to have healing properties.

The chapel of St. Vitus - especially strong "energy spot".

Walking through the forest.

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Hiking in Prekmurje

Last Sunday (21 February) we were hiking in Prekmurje. Prekmurje is part of Pomurje, it lies on the left side of the river Mura. The bus took us to the Bukovnik Lake. Then we traversed the hills of Strehovci and Filovci and continued the trail to the village Bogojina. From there the bus took us to Moravske Toplice and lastly to the village Selo.
The Bukovnik Lake - covered with ice.

Hikers at the Bukovnik Lake.

The Bukovnik Lake is a small lake set in attractive surroundings just north of Dobrovnik.

The Bukovnik Lake.

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From Kubed we ascended the hill Lacna and then descended to the village Hrastovlje. I didn't take any pictures of Lacna - there was forest all the way.In Hrastovlje I didn't go to see their famous church, I went to a restaurant instead. After eight hours of walking I needed some rest and something to eat and drink. An so did other hikers.
View od Kubed from the tower.

First snowdrops.

A chapel in Kubed.

Kubed with the tower and church of St. Florian.

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