Stroll up to the Castle Forte Mare

Walking up to the castle besides lush Mediterranean vegetation.

View from the way to the castle.

View of Herceg Novi and the bay.

View of the bay from the way to the castle Forte Mare.

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Djenovici, Montenegro.

View of the Lovcen mountain range from Djenovici.

Image of Montenegro.

Church in Djenovici.

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In Djenovici

Hikers with mimosas.

View from Djenovici.

Enjoying a sunny day on the beach.

Flowering Camellia in Djenovici.

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A Stroll along the Coast in Djenovici

View of the mountain range Lovcen.

View from Djenovici.

Djenovici at the time of the Mimosa Festival.

Hikers from Celje in Djenovici.

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The Mimose Festival in Herceg-Novi.

Parading along the sea coast.

The Mimose Festival.


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Mimosa Festivities

At the begining of February we spent three days (5, 6, 7,) in Montenegro. We were staying in a hotel in Djenovici, Herceg-Novi.
We arrived on Saturday just in time to attend the local Mimosa festival. The show was taking place in front of our hotel.
Folk dancers and musicians.


Children dancing.

Children dancing.

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Hikers near Lesicno.

Old decaying hayrack near Lisicno.

Old decaying house in Lesicno.

Church in Lesicno.

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Hiker with dry plants - for home decoration.

Old traditional house of Kozjansko.

View of Kozjansko.

Hiker taking pictures of Winter roses.

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Towards Lesicno

The day was gray.


View of Kozjansko. We were walking all the time in the Kozjansko Regional Park.

Short break.

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Spring Snowflakes

Leucojum vernum. Spring snowflakes.

Spring is coming to Slovenia!

Spring snowflakes.

Spring snowflakes.

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