Smarna Gora,669 m

Mt. Jaterbenk and St. Jakob were not enough for one day. On returning we decided to climb one more peak: Smarna Gora near Ljubljana. "The pilgrimage to Smarna Gora, as we are apt to call it - because hikers and traditional pilgrims alike ascend it day-in and day-out, like ants - has recreational as well as spiritual conotations." More about Smarna Gora here.
Start in Tacen.

The Chapel of Mother of God at the Turkish Hoof. According to a legend the chapel is situated in the place where an old hermit stopped the Turkish conquerors with a fiery sword. When the mare of Osman Aga, the leader of Turkish troops, hit a rock with its hoof for the last time, the Turkish soldiers turned into rocks , scattered around. On the rock you can still see the prints of the Turkish hoof.

There is a church and an inn on the top of Mt. Smarna Gora. I was too tired and cold to walk around and take photos. I only needed a hot tea.

Returning late in the afternoon.

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